July 20th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Hello from Escalante, Utah, where we are currently watching Galaxy Quest in anticipation of visiting Goblin Valley State Park on Sunday, where Jason Nesmith ripped his shirt fighting the rock monster. (Any evening involving Alan Rickman is generally a good one, even though I don't expect that he will actually be in Goblin Valley when we get there.) We spent the morning in Bryce Canyon, first visiting Rainbow Point and hiking the Bristlecone Loop, then driving to Agua Canyon, Fairyland Point and other spectacular spots in the park, where we also saw wild turkeys, deer and lots of rodents.

From there we went to Kodachrome Basin State Park, where we hiked about a mile in a very hot desert to see the Shakespeare Arch, then drove to Chimney Rock and some of the other stone formations. After that we visited Petrified Forest State Park, whose name is pretty descriptive -- not a lot of tall current trees, but petrified wood samples both large and small, the former on display, the latter scattered in the dirt and grass. There's a reservoir at the park but the water levels were low, so we didn't swim, though we saw quail by the water. Because it was so hot, we went out for ice cream in Escalante before checking into the hotel.

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Will be in a campground for the next two nights which is supposed to have wi-fi, but if I'm not able to get online, that's why!