July 23rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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We spent most of Tuesday driving through beautiful country -- first the scenic highway out of Moab that borders Arches National Park, through beautiful Entrata and Navajo sandstone structures, then along I-70 through Colorado, which follows the river into the mountains and provides stunning views for dozens of miles. We also stopped at Colorado National Monument, where huge red canyons filled with columns of rock alternate with high plateau desert and pine forest. The Rocky Mountains are visible in much of the park, and our route took us right through the heart of winter vacation country, through the hot spring resort of Glenwood Springs and the beautiful ski town of Vail, where we saw many ski lifts through none of them were in use in the 90+ degree heat of July. There were plenty of people in the Colorado River, though -- rafting in the white water, canoeing and swimming in the calm -- and until we hit Denver, the state was as scenic as Utah. Then, once we were through the Rockies, the land went flat.

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We're spending the night in Fort Morgan, which smells like cattle, before another long driving day to Omaha, during the course of which we will lose an hour off the clock as we cross the timeline. But if we time things right, I will get to go to Next Millennium, from which I have done a great deal of mail order shopping.