July 24th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Most of Wednesday was a driving day through flat Eastern Colorado and nearly all of Nebraska -- not that I am complaining, given the weather reports I have heard both from home and from Texas -- hope everyone is safely out of the way of the storms. And gas prices are way down, at least out here! After leaving Colorado, we stopped for lunch at Fort Cody in North Platte, Nebraska, which has a Museum of the Old West and a massive miniature diorama of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, complete with music and action. The museum and store are a bizarre mix of every painful cowboy and Indian stereotype ever perpetrated in popular culture and lovely locally-made Sioux crafts -- think Wall Drug on a much smaller and somewhat less tacky scale.

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We spent the rest of the day driving to Omaha, where we stopped at Next Millennium which was as enjoyable as I expected -- a massive Wiccan/New Age bookstore with statues, jewelry, hundreds of Tarot decks and lots of oils, potions and crystals. Because I was with my family I had to restrain myself and did not buy any goddesses or clothing but did buy a Wheel of the Year pendant at a substantial discount from web prices. We had a minor accomodation disaster -- apparently the Quality Inn in Council Bluffs thinks "non-smoking room" means "we'll spray some hairspray to try to cover the fact that there were lit cigarettes in this room a few hours ago" -- but we were able to switch to a nicer Travelodge that's actually in Omaha, where we will go to the zoo in the morning!