August 2nd, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Not a very eventful Lughnasadh, though I did spend some time reading about the descent of the Goddess. Took the kids to the pool, kicked around some numbers for Adam's Bar Mitzvah next spring and stressed out about it, finally finished putting away my jewelry and little things from the trip (silly, since I have to pack a week from tonight for the trip to the beach), wrote a review of "The Offspring" (and speaking of Star Trek, perkypaduan sent me reasons to be worried about Abrams' upcoming reboot, which made me smile as I completely agree).

Watched Doctor Who's "Journey's End" on the widescreen TV -- the things I loathed about it the first time around still make me very unhappy, but I still adore Catherine Tate's performance and David Tennant is compulsively watchable too, and really, how many shows are there where there are five female characters I adore, even if I'm aggravated with things about how they're written in any given episode? Then watched Stargate Atlantis and realized I really must see the first few episodes of the season to follow what's been going on, though it was worth seeing just for Collapse ) And we received in the mail today something that I first saw when we were in a market across the country, then wrote when we got home to the woman who ran the stall to ask if she still had it and if she would ship it to me. It's a present for both Adam and the cats:

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