August 3rd, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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Our chore for Saturday was getting everyone haircuts, so we bracketed that activity by going to the movies and then to a concert. The kids wanted to see The Dark Knight, but we overruled them and took the family to I Want To Believe, because if I was going to sit through a movie with murders in it, it was going to have Mulder and Scully. And while I could go on about plot holes and potentially squicky sexual politics in the latest X-Files installment, they did not make a dent in my enjoyment of the film. I still have unabashed love for Dana Scully, and I Want To Believe is very much a Scully episode -- Collapse )

We packed a picnic and went to Potomac Overlook Park to see Laurie Rose Griffith and Peter Mealy, who were the perfect complement, really, to Mulder and Scully -- they're married, longtime musical partners, and they convey not nail-biting passion so much as two people who seem to really know each other well. (They're also pretty honest about relationship stuff -- Peter wrote a song called "Hard Times in the Middle" that starts, "We had a slight misunderstanding/It might have sounded like a fight/Maybe I was too demanding/Maybe you were even right.") In addition to a bunch of Peter's other songs, they did some Paul Simon ("Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard"), Bob Dylan ("Shelter from the Storm"), Dave Matthews ("Two Step" as bluegrass folk song), Peter Gabriel ("Solsbury Hill" as African folk song), plus two songs I love from their CDs, Bruce Dalzell's "Tocoi Light" and Susan Graham White's "Anchor." We had to sit in the rain for about 20 minutes, but then the sky cleared and it was a beautiful evening. The bathrooms are located in the park's nature center, which pleased the kids because in addition to the birds and bats we could see in the sky, there are lots of animals inside.

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On Sunday we are going to visit Paul's parents in Hanover!