August 10th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We left for the beach this morning after a stop at my parents' house because they had driven off already and left behind not only the fishing rods but my father's tennis racket, which, considering we're staying in a community renowned for its tennis facilities, would have been a crisis! The traffic was slow across Kent Island, but otherwise pretty good for heading to the Eastern Shore in August. We stopped for lunch at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, where we saw raptors being rehabilitated as well as wooden blinds for observing eagles and ospreys. There was also a wildflower garden with butterflies and a bunny.

The unit where we're staying hadn't been cleaned from the previous week yet when we arrived, so we went for a walk with the kids to see if we could find turtles and frogs in the pond behind our condo. We saw both baby and adult snapping turtles, plus we chatted with the Goldmans, who were fishing off the dock (it's all catch-and-release here). For dinner, we went into Bethany Beach to eat at the Penguin Diner -- Adam lobbied for that one -- then took a walk on the beach for half an hour before going to hear the Beatles tribute band Fabmania. When leaving the boardwalk, we bumped into the younger sister of vertigo66 and her family, so we may take all the kids to play mini golf or something together later in the week!

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Sunday I want to go back to the beach in the morning and see whether we see dolphins as well as the pelicans, gulls, and sand crabs that were around in the evening. The kids want to swim in the big pool here, and we may make one of our annual pilgrimages to the shipwreck museum, Viking Golf, the Seaside Country Store or the Irish shop in Rehoboth.