August 12th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The weather was beautiful after Sunday's storms, so we went to the beach in the late morning. My parents took a walk to visit friends of theirs, then went to the pool with Adam, whose legs were itching in the salt water after getting scraped in the marsh the other day. Daniel was swimming in the ocean and we hung out in the surf with him. Eventually we washed off, went back to the beach house for lunch, then went to Viking Golf -- an annual tradition -- where, after one round of mini golf which I believe my father won, my mother and I took Adam to the go-karts and snow cones while my father, Daniel and Paul played another round.

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We had dinner at the Cottage Cafe, then headed to the Bethany Beach boardwalk, where the kids got ice cream -- Daniel wanted soft serve dipped in hard chocolate shell, Adam wanted make-your-own-sundae -- and we walked on the beach and into a couple of stores. I got some salt water taffy to give as gifts, and a little Ameribag micro to keep around my waist with my cell phone and money when I don't feel like carrying the big purse. In the evening the kids played Scrabble with my mother, though the game was called on account of darkness!