August 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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We went to the beach on Tuesday morning, where it was a bit cooler than the day before -- low 80s -- and the water wasn't quite as rough, so I swam for longer with Paul and Daniel. Adam, who didn't want to risk being knocked over by the waves and whose legs were itching from the salt water, went to the pool nearby in the beachfront part of the community. We ate a late lunch, then my father took the kids fishing at the catch-and-release pond right near our condo. Daniel caught a very big catfish and both kids caught smaller ones, but a lot of our excitement was watching the snapping turtle steal the bait and seeing the ducks, dragonflies, and other wildlife around.

In the late afternoon, the kids wanted to go to the indoor pool, so my father took them there while my mother, Paul and I went to Sea Shell City in Fenwick Island, home of the DiscoverSea Museum -- downstairs, a big touristy store which in addition to a huge collection of shells and hermit crabs has lots of cheesy pirate, tall ship and sea life souvenirs; upstairs, a collection of artifacts from local shipwrecks plus some famous non-local wrecks like the Titanic, the Edmund Fitzgerald and La Nuestra Senora de Atocha. In the evening after dinner we took a walk and saw bats in the trees, which I suspect the boys and I enjoyed more than my mother did.

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Wednesday we are planning to go to Assateague to see the ponies, deer and other wildlife!