August 16th, 2008

little review

Poem for Saturday

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It rained all night but the sun was out at 8 am Friday, so we went to the ocean early. The water was a bit rougher and chillier than the day before, but this provided the advantage of an uncrowded beach. The lifeguards were asking people please not to use boogie boards because the big waves and riptides caused accidents with them. The kids dug big pits and built sand castles, and we found mole crabs and looked at their eggs. My parents came down in the late morning and we all went to the pool for a while, then to the seaside deli in the Sea Colony complex.

In the afternoon we returned to Viking Golf because we had promised Adam that he could go on the big water slides at Thunder Lagoon. I stayed with him while Paul played mini golf with Daniel, then we had some of the excellent caramel corn on the little boardwalk there. My parents had dinner plans with friends and we had planned in the evening to go see Mythica, a local Celtic band, in a free outdoor concert, but there was late afternoon lightning that closed Thunder Lagoon and then a hailstorm on the way back to Bethany Beach from Fenwick Island, so instead we had tacos at the beach house.

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We had a quiet evening packing, organizing and watching the "Return To Tomorrow" episode of Stargate Atlantis. Collapse ) Saturday we're driving home by way of Dover, where we want to visit a wildlife refuge.