August 23rd, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I had a weird day. Wrote a review of "Allegiance" in between making the kids lunch, sending them to the pool and washing their bed linens. Was all excited to see Great Big Sea at Wolf Trap in the evening; we got there just after the doors opened, sat on the lawn to eat dinner, then went into the house expecting to see Eddie From Ohio open for Great Big Sea; instead Great Big Sea opened, which instantly filled the house. The center aisles were mostly season ticket holders and stayed in their seats at first, but the sides, which is where we were sitting, were full of people with flags and Newfoundland Republican Army shirts who danced through the entire set (they did pretty much everything on the new CD -- "Walk on the Moon," "England," "Banks of Newfoundland," "Straight To Hell," "Company of Fools," etc. -- plus "Ordinary Day," "The Night Pat Murphy Died," "General Taylor," "Consequence Free" and lots of others). But younger son was shielding his eyes from the house lights, and we ended up leaving shortly after Eddie From Ohio came on after the interval, because nothing sucks more than being at a concert with a migraine, as I know. I am so glad GBS came on first!

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fannish5: Collapse ) I thought SGA was pretty well done until the end -- Collapse ) Also, SGA was outshone a bit for me by the SG-1 rerun that was on right afterward, which started with a discovery in a cave under Glastonbury -- I didn't realize they'd done an Avalon arc -- so of course I left it on. And then they revealed Collapse ) Plus it was a pretty good Sam episode, which I always enjoy.