September 1st, 2008


Poem for Monday

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I have been the entire day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where we crammed in six full shows plus pieces of others, did a lot of shopping, ate two meals and several snacks, bought a fancy feathered hair ornament to keep the sun off my skull, watched lots of crafters at work and generally had a great time. Our first stop was the Market Stage, where we watched first the swordfighting skills of Fight School, then Don Juan & Miguel (sadly without Esmerelda this weekend, but still fabulous with the whip). After that, we got some lunch -- I had barbecue chicken and rice, kids had gyro and sausage, Paul had a bread bowl with soup -- and went to Hey Nunnie Nunnie on the Lyric Stage, which was thankfully shaded as it was getting quite warm. We saw a bit of the London Broil show and caught the end of The Amazing Nocheaux's magic act before Macbeth in 20 Minutes by Shakespeare's Skum -- apparently there is a rule that people doing Scottish accents must lapse into playing Scotty from Star Trek, heh.

Then we got root beer floats and went to the joust, where Sir Henry Clifford's mount was acting up a bit -- went charging into the Master of the Lists and his horse -- but the home team (a.k.a. the King's knights, whose cheering section we were in) defeated the challengers anyway. We stopped for water and lemons with peppermint stick straws before going to see Fight School Reloaded, where fighting techniques other than European swords are explored -- the pirate attack, the katana, the bar brawl, the lirpa -- and stayed for Don Juan and Miguel's Weird Show, in which Don Juan whips pickles and hot dogs while Miguel sings and confesses that he's really Polish and from Chicago. Finally, we did some more shopping -- pottery, needlecrafts, wooden swords -- had dinner -- turkey legs, fish & chips, chocolate covered cheesecake -- and came home before we got too tired for an hour-long drive!

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Have a good labor day and stay safe, everyone in the path of Gustav!