September 4th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Forgive me if I sound disjointed; I'm writing this while listening to Sarah Palin and I keep having to stop and yell at the TV. It wasn't a very eventful day anyway. The stove won't be fixed for a week. The laundry got folded, and I got to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind while folding it, which made me happy. Someone on Freecycle was giving away the two-disc DVD set of Miyazaki's Spirited Away, which I quickly claimed online, then ran out to pick up before someone could beat me to it -- yay! Then the kids got home and I made a feeble attempt to help with math homework, a better attempt to help with English homework, while trying to make a dent in uploading trip pictures. Meanwhile here's Fight School and some fun at the Maryland Renaissance Faire, with weapons from Star Trek, pirate attacks, bar brawls and more:

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PBS had Visions of Italy on -- for pledge drive, of course, with lots of interruptions, but I didn't care -- then watched The Next Generation's "Tin Man" (in case I don't have time after Back To School Night tomorrow). Even Star Trek couldn't steel me for sitting through Palin's speech without wanting to tear my hair out. I'm a little fed up with people on my flist parroting Obama's statement that Palin's daughter's choices are none of our business; I strongly support Obama taking that position as a candidate and as a father, but when Palin is planning to take away everyone else's daughters' choices as a fundamental position of her platform, of course her family is our business. And where were all the people now crying sexism when the media was all over Hillary Clinton? How come it's sexist for Obama to question Palin's credentials, but not racist for her to attempt to ridicule him? The hypocrisy would be a joke if its implications weren't so frightening.