September 6th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I had a nice calm-before-the-storm Friday, necessary because our weekend plans are up in the air depending on where Tropical Storm Hanna hits and how powerful it is when it arrives. Right now it's just drizzle after a gorgeous, hot September day -- Thursday set a record high, but thankfully it wasn't that hot on Friday. I met vertigo66 for lunch at The Corner Bakery, then stopped in Target for detergent and other necessities; I found the new Fashion Spell Barbie, a witch with black-and-pink hair, to add to my Halloween Barbie collection, and Target also has owl and black cat socks for $2.99 -- naturally I had to have those.

Came home, finished my review of "Tin Man", dropped Adam off at a Hebrew school beginning-of-year sleepover for the Bar Mitzvah class, went to my parents for dinner, watched Jon Stewart with them -- apparently I cannot see enough clips showing Republican Party hypocrisy, because I'm still snickering -- ran by the Hebrew school because we'd forgotten about Adam's antibiotic eardrops, came home and watched SGA which had the delightful surprise of Collapse )

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Here's hoping Hanna is kinder to the northeast than Isabel was!