September 7th, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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All our plans for Saturday were washed out by Tropical Storm Hanna, which knocked down tree branches and caused flooding across several major roads around here, making it dangerous to try to go to a museum and difficult to go anyplace nearby. So after retrieving Adam from his overnight and Daniel from his first day volunteering at Hebrew school for the semester, we stayed inside, having grilled ham and cheese for lunch, reading -- Adam just got the new Warriors cat books, Daniel just got I Am America (And So Can You!) -- working on assorted homework and photo projects, watching Spirited Away -- probably the best animated film ever made -- and watching the squirrels hiding under the deck to stay out of the rain and wind (plus watching the cats watch the squirrels, which was extremely comical).

The storm had finally moved on by dinnertime (tacos, since we had the shells and cheese in the house), and when we went out to get ice cream at 7, we could actually see the sun beginning to set. We missed getting to go to a tour of the Peacock Room at the Sackler Gallery and a concert that has been postponed till Sunday since it's in an outdoor venue, but we only lost power for a few minutes and there are only a few moderate-sized tree branches down in our immediate vicinity, so really it was not a bad storm for us. In the evening we watched Men In Black, which seems rather dated but is still pretty funny...and hey, it was free on Comcast. Hope everyone south of me came through the storm okay, the flooding in northern Virginia looked scary!

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Sunday is Pagan Pride Day in Northern Virginia, so we are going to a festival for that, then to the concert we thought we were going to on Saturday!