September 11th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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After an uneventful morning of laundry, I went out to lunch with gblvr on Wednesday -- yay, Rio Grande Cafe -- and we did a bit of shopping -- yay, Halloween Kelly! Then I had to come home and fetch younger son for an orthodontist appointment. While there, I bumped into the mother of a boy he has gone to school with since he was two years old -- they have a daughter who is older son's age, so I've known them even longer -- and we chatted about Bar Mitzvah stuff while her four-year-old told me earnestly about his plans to have a Star Wars Bar Mitzvah and how his friend Jeremy had more Star Wars toys because he had Clone Wars. It was very amusing. We are looking into having a live penguin at younger son's Bar Mitzvah, which is something he really wants and the Maryland Zoo can do through their Animal Ambassadors program, but we have to coordinate it with a place that can get permission both to have a live animal and serve food on the premises...private restaurants are out and I'm not sure penguins are kosher in synagogue facilities.

Son had done an experiment in school about waves involving a Slinky and announced that he needed a Slinky to recreate said experiment -- I think actually he just wanted a Slinky -- so we stopped in the toy store in the mall to get one, where we also picked up a birthday present for his best friend. This was fortuitous, since right when we got home, we were all invited over for birthday cake that evening for the best friend, which was very nice! Before we went there, though, we had to drop the minivan off to find out what's wrong with the air conditioning that's making it squeak, so I will be without a vehicle tomorrow. This isn't the end of the world anyway, since I have to stay home and wait for Sears to come fix the oven at last!

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Hope that everyone in Texas is safely out of the way of Hurricane Ike. And that everyone who is having a hard day tomorrow has people around them to help them through it.