September 16th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had lunch today with Linda, my friend who throws the annual Super Bowl parties, whom I've known since first grade. We were supposed to meet at California Pizza Kitchen in the local mall, but it's closed for the next two months for remodeling (cidercupcakes, we must keep this in mind when making plans). So instead we went to the eatery, where we got sushi that was pretty good -- spicy tuna rolls, inari, salmon -- but then we saw a cockroach on the wall, which kind of ruined our mood for food. We took a walk around the mall and caught up on family news and stuff. Then she had to go drive her son's music carpool, so I walked her to her car, and I walked back through Sears, where I found three pairs of shorts (light denim, dark denim, light brown tweed) and a sleeveless blouse (medium blue with light blue trim) for $2.99 each, given that they were 40% off their already 50-75% off reduced-for-fall prices. Whoo!

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Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had some good action sequences though there was once again way too much Take My Bible for my taste -- I don't recall so much Revelation in the movie's version of the apocalypse. Collapse ) Then I watched the really excellent Michael Clayton, which had me completely on the edge of my seat for two hours -- I had thought I knew what it was about, except that what it's about is only a small part of what happens in the movie, and the performances are really astonishingly good and I really loved George Clooney, which I've never done before, even in Syriana. And even though I couldn't avoid comparisons with The Insider and Russell Crowe. Michael Clayton is quite chilling, one of those movies like Bob Roberts that I would have thought ten years ago was over the top but now just seems prescient and chilling.