September 19th, 2008

get critical

Poem for Friday

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Not a lot to report...really, I'm not sure where Thursday morning went! I did some fiddling with photos -- I have a Shutterfly coupon for a photo book that's only good till the end of the month, but it seems hopeless to think I'll get everything uploaded, sorted, organized and captioned by then. Ate leftover Thai food for lunch, helped younger son with his science homework, did a bit of reading, had dinner with my parents who have professional obligations on Friday night; mom brought in Chinese food and apaulled made apple crisp out of the apples we picked last weekend, yum. Speaking of which, here are some photos of the actual apple picking and related equipment!

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Watched the season premiere of Smallville, which on the one hand will never again be the show I adored several years ago, but on the other hand had some pleasant surprises in the opening credits. Collapse ) Ended my evening by watching Star Trek to review on Friday. And I try not to get overly excited about political polls because I think they're mostly useless -- insanely small sample, and doesn't take into account possible regional vote-tampering and other shenanigans -- but the news made me smile anyway. *g*