September 20th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I'm fairly stressed out from some stuff going on at Daniel's school -- in the middle of the afternoon we got a recorded phone call from the principal, informing us that a student had been arrested with a handgun and he wanted us to hear it from the school before we heard it on the news. Later the PTA sent out an e-mail saying that the student had not been on the high school campus at the time, but nearby in the city, and she had not attended school this morning or the day before, so they think it was unlikely that she planned to bring the gun to school...even so, this is way too close to home.

Otherwise, it was a pretty flat day. I did laundry and wrote a review of "The Most Toys", which also ended up being stressful because any time I write something freelance, even for no money or almost no money, it reminds me that I urgently need a job -- preferably part-time, preferably not too far from home, preferably something not mind-bogglingly boring. Our evening consisted of the Orioles game and Stargate Atlantis, neither of which was very inspiring.

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I wish Viggo Mortensen would stop appearing in violent movies -- can you imagine if the body count in the world reflected the body count in popular action films? -- but The New York Times is making me think that maybe I should see Appaloosa, despite the reviewer saying it's "not a great Western" and "there is no shortage of killing." Collapse ) And I also enjoyed reading via Discovery that Hurricane Ike had shed light on a shipwreck in Alabama, which was partly revealed when Hurricane Camille cleared away the sand in 1969. It's thought to be the Civil War schooner Monticello, but some people think instead it's the World War I era schooner Rachel.