September 22nd, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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sparowe was in Maryland visiting her brother at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and dementordelta and rubyrosered were both going there with friends, so we let Adam miss Hebrew school and went back to Revel Grove -- one of my very favorite activities on a gorgeous fall afternoon. We arrived at the very end of the first Fight School show, then went to the early joust where I got to sit and catch up with sparowe, then had lunch and went to see Shakespeare's Skum's version of Henry V ("It's Henry the Fifth, not Henry Vee!"), catching the final act of Romeo and Juliet when we arrived at the Globe Theatre. After a bit of shopping, we went to see Hack & Slash and Fight School: Reloaded, and although my last visit was royalty-free, this time my kids and I got to have a chat with Anne of Cleves in the marketplace and watch Henry VIII and Catherine Howard snitching bites of people's lunches.

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We came home for dinner because the kids still had homework to finish, and after all the food we ate at the faire (including chocolate mousse in waffle bowls and lemons with peppermint straws), we didn't really need to eat out any more. I spent the evening watching the Emmys, which dragged on so interminably with the show schtick that I almost turned them off at several different points, even though a whole bunch of people I really like ended up winning. Collapse ) And the Redskins won, even though we had to put up with traffic from the stadium coming home from the faire!