September 23rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a dentist appointment at noon -- semiannual checkup and cleaning -- which would have been fine except that they started with me more than twenty minutes late, and while the hygienist had me in the chair with a sharp object poking into my mouth, she started to go on about how she used to be an Obama supporter but this morning on the radio she heard that the current financial crisis is Bill Clinton's fault for allowing banks to invest in the stock market, so now she thinks Obama and McCain are just the same. Since I couldn't talk, I seriously thought about biting her.

Fortunately I had lunch plans with gblvr, who was also running late, so I stopped to get California Tortilla and we spent the afternoon watching late first season Torchwood, when the show did several very good episodes in a row. really started to get good. We also compared notes on Etsy shopping and she brought me a pair of autumn Green Man earrings, which seemed perfectly appropriate for the equinox. As did going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival last weekend:

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I don't love Heroes nearly enough to devote three hours of a TV premiere week to it, though we'll probably catch it when NBC reruns it over the weekend. Instead we watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I still think is a flawed show but has occasional delights like a hugely pregnant Busy Phillips with her belly uncovered and John Connor announcing that no child should have to grow up watching network television -- way to understand your own ickiness, FOX! But the collateral damage, while predictable, was upsetting, and Shirley Manson is painful to watch. Fortunately, after a break from TV while Adam practiced the violin, we got the Boston Legal season premiere. Collapse )