October 1st, 2008


Poem for Wednesday

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We started our Jewish new year as we have started the past many, going out to brunch at the Original Pancake House, where my parents got crepes, my kids got dessert waffles, Paul got an omelet, and I got my usual -- eggs benedict with turkey sausage instead of Canadian bacon. I also had chai to be certain that I would stay awake during the temple president's annual speech. The restaurant backs up to a courtyard with a big fountain, an art gallery, and several outdoor sculptures, so it's a pretty place to take a walk.

Then we went to the synagogue for my least favorite half-hour of the entire year, the nightmarishly overcrowded lobby before the family service, with people pushing and shoving in their high heels, pushing baby carriages they were supposed to collapse and leave by the door as they try to shove to the front of the line...by the time I get inside, I am always ready to go worship Asherah in the woods in the nearby park, alone. This service is really targeted at kids younger than mine, and this is the last year we'll go, one way or another; after younger son's Bar Mitzvah we're supposed to graduate them to the morning adult service, but I suspect we'll be looking for a congregation that's more my style.

The high point of the family service is always the story performed by the rabbis with some accessible moral for kids, which last year involved pirates and this year involved superheroes. Since the rabbis were willing to wear shorts and pumps on the bimah, I felt no guilt about sneaking my camera out of my purse, turning off the flash, and taking these:

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In the evening we had dinner again with my parents -- last night's leftovers, which were still delicious. Then we came home and watched the White Sox clinch a playoff spot! Now I'm afraid that it will be a Cubs-White Sox World Series, which would give me a dilemma...well, actually it wouldn't, because when we lived in Chicago, we lived on the south side and could see Comiskey's fireworks from our 31st floor window, but nearly everyone we know will be rooting for the Cubs and I'll feel badly about having to root against them. Even so, it would be fantastic if they both won their leagues!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Click pink, and if you're overdue, please get a mammogram!