October 2nd, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I did a lot of back-and-forth driving today. To Gaithersburg for lunch with gblvr at Tara Thai (where we were both disorganized and running late, though we got to talk fannish stuff and silly cat behavior). Then to the middle school to pick up Adam in the rain. Then back to Gaithersburg to get a new case for Adam's violin -- the fastener broke on the one he had, which is still a rental, and they offered us a new one while they repair the old one. Then back home to make sure Daniel didn't have to walk in the rain and get Adam ready for tennis. The lesson itself was actually a very relaxing hour -- there's free wireless in the building, so I brought the laptop, and there was a TV tuned to the Cubs pregame show, which I watched along with the tennis!

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Pushing Daisies is finally back! I thought they did a nice job recapping the important backstory, though I wonder if it was too rushed for entirely new viewers who had no idea who the characters were. And I'm a little disappointed that after a season of what I thought were hints that Vivian and Lily were "aunts" rather than true siblings, now we're getting hints that they're heterosexual and really sisters after all. Oh well, they're still interesting and unlike other women on TV. Collapse ) Was reading about living in a cosmic bubble and all our scientific theory possibly being wrong, and Jesus possibly being labeled a magician before a messiah, and the possible fate of the Aleppo codex, and a big kitty problem, because all of these are holding my interest better than the latest reports on the economy. And aww, the Cubs lost!