October 4th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I had a fairly quiet Friday. It was a gorgeous day, which necessitated taking a walk. I started doing the Sudoku in the paper, and then I refused to quit even though it took me half an hour. Then I started a review of "Menage a Troi, though I kept stalling because I don't like the episode very much, so I chatted with people about the debate and did lots of stupid things on Facebook (need karma, butterflies, penguins or Snapes, anyone?).

I had leftover pad see euw from Tara Thai yesterday, so lunch was good. And we had dinner with my parents, whom we will see again at a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday night. Here are the last of the photos of Huntley Meadows from last month, including dragonflies, beavers, wildflowers, and the first signs of autumn coming:

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We watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (Colbert hadn't yet seen the debate when he recorded the show but he announced that he was certain Palin had won, unless she hadn't). Then we watched Sanctuary, which I rather liked, though parts of it were predictable and parts were just silly...I like Amanda Tapping and I liked the girl playing her daughter, and it's nice to have a show where a woman's in charge and it isn't "OMG I must save my son so he can save the world." Collapse )