October 8th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I spent all morning working on my trip book. Shutterfly crashed twice -- didn't wipe out any of the work but it took me quite a while to get back in and remember where I'd been. (I've tried Snapfish, Photoworks, Imagestation, Kodak, various others...Shutterfly has consistently delivered a much better product for the money than anyone but Mpix, and the latter is just too expensive to use regularly.) I also started the calendar -- we do collage calendars of our trips, so they tend to take time to put together -- and the holiday card, which would feel ridiculous in early October if it weren't for the fact that I have a coupon that'll make it much cheaper to do now.

Younger son had Hebrew school in the afternoon, older son had lots of homework, so it was pretty quiet around here except for laundry (not yet folded) until dinner. We all watched Jurassic Park, since it has to go back to the library tomorrow -- been years since I saw it, so much fun, and the things that make it dated are more the pop culture references and the computers they use than the storyline.

Missed the beginning of the debate -- wasn't really in the mood for it, I am so ready for it to be November, especially now that Obama has a solid lead -- but watched the bulk of it, didn't feel much like a town hall meeting with Brokaw asking so many questions but I thought McCain failed to impress in the format -- the undecided audience sure didn't seem impressed, either in CNN's ticker or in the Q&As afterward -- and that's all I cared about, since I wasn't expecting any big policy revelations. It makes me happy that the audience seemed unhappy whenever McCain started to attack Obama or his policies instead of offering his own solutions.

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I'm bummed because I'm going to have to miss out on my fall maritime fun -- Sultana is the only tall ship that will be in Baltimore for the regatta next weekend, according to Sail Baltimore, the rest are leaving on weekdays; and the ships at the Sultana Downrigging Weekend will only be open on Friday (Halloween), when I can't go; they're sailing all afternoon Saturday and Sunday. I love going to Chestertown and to see ships in Baltimore and I feel deprived!