October 12th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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It was a spectacularly gorgeous October day, and after older son got home from volunteering at Hebrew school and we had French toast and turkey sausage, we went on the fall Countryside Artisans tour, when a group of rural crafters with home studios invite people to come see their work. We went first to Art of Fire, the glassblowing studio, whose owner was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival as he is every weekend in the fall, so we got a demonstration by the people working there. Then we went to Dancing Leaf Farm, where sheep are raised and fibers created from their wool, and Sugarloaf Studio, which has a labyrinth cut into the grass in the backyard and paintings and prints on display inside.

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There were snacks at all three studios we visited -- Halloween candy at Art of Fire, cookies and cider at Dancing Leaf Farm, and snack crackers at Sugarloaf Studio -- so the kids weren't ravenous, but we had to drive past the very good inexpensive El Mexicano on Route 28 heading home, so we had dinner there. There's a new Persian gourmet market next door -- homemade hummus and kabobs, sugar plums and lemon almonds and saffron candy -- and they had Ahmad decaf Earl Grey tea, which is stronger than any decaf I can get here, with no trace of bitterness and a lingering sweet bergamot aftertaste -- I had no idea that anyone sold it locally! Now I can have wonderful Earl Grey tea after 5 p.m.!

As I type this, the Red Sox are still playing the Rays. Now that I know Tampa Bay has a touch tank in the stadium with actual cownose rays, I have moved from general disinterest to actively rooting for Tampa Bay!