October 14th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I got to spend the afternoon with dementordelta! We went out for Lebanese food, then went to look at art glass and jewelry at Appalachian Spring before stopping at a Hallmark store to look at Halloween bats, Barnes & Noble to look at calendars, and Target to look at more Halloween stuff. Then we came back here to watch this season's first two Sarah Jane Adventures, because we both discovered Ronan Vibert independently last week and concluded that he was Alan Rickman's love child, and he's in both parts. And then we watched the first episode of the new BBC Merlin series, which has Eve Myles and Anthony Head as well as lots of hot young men; we didn't like the evil women=ugly women paradigm, but otherwise we really liked gay young King Arthur.

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After dinner, we watched Heroes, which entertains me so much with its Oedipus complexes and insane parenting! It's so much more fun this season than last, though I'm not sure if it's actually good. Collapse ) And of course I watched Boston Legal, and I must say that while it held my interest through the end, it really let me down. I prefer Denny's superficial, skanky, boob-grabbing misogyny to the construction of Alan's issues with women, which requires every woman he meets to be psychopathic, sociopathic, or just plain horrible so he and Denny can end up chastely in each other's arms. It's like bad slash, the kind where women have to be vilified as an excuse for two men who otherwise appear to be heterosexual to turn to each other. Collapse ) Sometimes I really feel like it's not Alan or Denny who alternately objectifies and vilifies women, but David E. Kelley. Except he created Shirley, too.