October 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Saturday

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The kids had no school due to a statewide teachers' meeting, so Paul came home at lunchtime and we took them to go hike and see the leaves changing on Sugarloaf Mountain. It was gorgeous, mid-60s and dry, with clear skies and great views in all directions. We picnicked on sandwiches, walked around the walled fortification, and climbed to one of the overlooks. It was very clear and there were hawks over the trees -- at that elevation nearly everything is gold rather than red, but we could see all the maples down in the valley.

Then we went home, turned the kids over to my mother, collected psu_jedi and went to see Girlyman at the Birchmere. The food there has always been good, in my experience -- I had a bbq chicken sandwich and we shared a chocolate sundae. Chelsea Lee opened for them, who has a terrific voice though she is very young -- in high school -- and pretty much all her songs are about youthful heartache, though she also did a cover of The Alan Parsons Project's "Eye in the Sky" which her guitarist said must have been released when she was negative eleven.

Girlyman was fantastic, as always -- they opened with "On the Air" and did pretty much all my favorites, though I love pretty much every song they do so that's not difficult; "St. Peter's Bones," "Kittery Tide," "Through To Sunrise," "Somewhere Different Now," and "Young James Dean" are other favorites, and they did all of those, plus a wonderful new song by Ty that I think is called "Easy Bake Ovens" and two hilarious tuning songs. Someone yelled out "Free Bird" as a request, so Nate did the screechiest, most horrible version ever and of course everyone applauded!

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More tomorrow...I am very sleepy!