October 19th, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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Yet again we had absolutely beautiful October weather -- low 60s, partly overcast -- so after Daniel got back from Hebrew school and I had finally finished and posted my review of "The Best of Both Worlds, Part One", we went to Mount Vernon for Fall Harvest Family days, where in addition to lots of agricultural activities -- wheat treading, flax spinning, apple roasting, and the pursuit of a runaway chicken -- there were folk musicians, beekeepers, wagon rides, games and visits by both George Washington and his servants and slaves. Indeed, we met the General by the Potomac River, and Silla, who lived beside the pioneer farm, in the slave cabin where she talked about life in the small building with her husband and six children.

After we walked back through the woods on the property, where signs describe Washington's beliefs about conservation and the animals and herbs that lived in the forest in his time and ours, we visited the sheep and pigs that live on the upper farm, then drove three miles to the newly rebuilt gristmill and distillery. None of the original buildings remain on that property and houses have been built all along the highway which was once Washington's farmland, and the ladies who worked for preservation of the mansion in the 1930s worked just as hard to distance themselves from the idea that a Founding Father had been a producer as well as a consumer of alcohol, though Washington's whiskey production was a rousing success. Normally it costs extra to visit the gristmill and distillery even for people with yearly passes but they're free this weekend, so we went to see the water wheel turning the millstones and the tubs of mash simmering.

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My kids were happy to see Variety's report that Fox has ordered a full season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, though apparently this may be in part because of fears that Dollhouse will be delayed. Elsewhere I saw speculation that Sarah Connor may move to Wednesday nights at 9 when Bones might deliver a receptive lead-in, which would be fine with me since I'll be watching Pushing Daisies on ABC the hour before. I am delighted to report that Maryland shut out Wake Forest, Penn beat Columbia and Penn State came from behind to defeat Michigan. And I watched Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live mostly to see if Tina Fey would play her better than Sarah could play herself, which Fey did -- Collapse )