October 21st, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I was a bad girl and spent way too much of the day watching TV. I was supposed to have lunch with gblvr but she couldn't make it, and while I was waiting for her, I put on Atonement to record and ended up watching the whole thing again. Then, when I went to exit out of the Comcast On Demand menu, I discovered that House of Games was available! That is one of my favorite movies of all time -- neo-noir that's even more dated now than it was when it was new, but it's superbly acted and just so stylish, a con game that's contingent on the audience liking the characters enough to willfully suspend disbelief and trust them just like a con game. And by then the kids were home and there was homework and stuff.

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All of us watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which at moments came awfully close to a parody of itself -- John Connor in therapy! Collapse ) Then we watched Heroes, which continues to move in odd spirals that leave me strangely unmoved; the characters I used to like best are either dead or shadows of their former selves, the villains who used to be the most interesting are now spouting cliches. Collapse ) At least Boston Legal was vastly more enjoyable than last week -- for one thing, I really like it when Shirley and to a lesser degree Carl and Jerry are around, and for another, Alan and Denny's bonding didn't come at the expense of Evil Woman Syndrome. Collapse )