October 23rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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It was a clear, cool Thursday and I took several walks...unfortunately some of these were inspired by having a migraine, because exercise and fresh air sometimes help, though in the end it was drugs that cleared my head. I had really wanted to go see Obama speaking in Leesburg, but my parents are out of town visiting my uncle and I knew I'd have to get down there early in the afternoon and probably wouldn't get home till late in the evening, so since younger son had tennis, I figured I needed to stay local, and given how I was feeling that is probably just as well. I went out briefly to pick up a leather pouch for next year's RenFaire from a Freecycler and stopped at the mall to sniff the new Lush solid perfumes (not impressive -- Karma and American Cream remain my favorites). Then I took younger son to tennis and took a twilight walk in the gorgeous cool evening air, which smells of dry leaves...at least until Saturday, when we're supposed to get storms.

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In the evening we watched Pushing Daisies, which wasn't my favorite -- no aunts and some really cracky aspects, though some were also wonderful. Collapse ) Then we watched Crusoe, which we recorded off the USA rerun on Tuesday because we were at Girlyman when it originally aired on Friday night. I wish those reruns were going to be a regular thing, because I must admit that I think my days of watching SGA are over, otherwise. If I'm going to watch a show centered on two guys that has race-"otherness" issues and not enough awesome women, Crusoe has some awesome advantages from its era and source material to its Sean Bean lookalike main character (whose father is played by Sean Bean, whom I doubt will be back, but I will see Sean Bean every time I look at Philip Winchester). Plus it has Sam Neill as a regular castmember playing a guy whom I suspect must end up a villain, but I don't remember the book at all. The show can't seem to decide whether it's Cast Away or Pirates of the Caribbean; right now comical excess seems to be winning, but that's fine with me.

I was going to say something about Sarah Palin's wardrobe and travel expenses, but really, what more is there to add? I want to be a Real American just like her, except I hate high heels and lipstick and have no use for designer clothes and, you know, tie-dye is probably by definition Fake American!