October 24th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had a really fun Thursday afternoon -- gblvr came over and we went out to get sushi, then ate it while watching Torchwood and Doctor Who ("Adam," "The Unquiet Dead," "The Shakespeare Code," "Gridlock"), looking for photos of Gareth David-Lloyd on the internet and swapping the Tennant Casanova for Lost in Austen and Blackpool. I even managed to get my laundry folded. Older son stayed late for robotics and younger son was working on Chinese homework (his name in Chinese, given to him by his teacher, means moral, famous, and bright, he tells me) when he wasn't drawing dragon penguins. He has also been working for quite a long time now on a novel, which -- putting aside that I'm his mother -- is a really creative science fiction story.

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Watched Smallville, wasn't very engaged by it and was somewhat confused though that might be because the kids were distracting me during the first few minutes and the cat got sick during the last few minutes -- there were a few great Chloe moments, but I must admit that I really miss Lois and Oliver when they're not around, and even Tess. Collapse ) Of course it didn't help Smallville any that I watched "The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two" afterward to review on Friday before I take younger son to the orthodontist. No family shabbat dinner tomorrow night; my parents are in New York visiting my uncle, who is finally getting out of the rehab center where he's been since he was discharged from the hospital!