October 25th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Not a very eventful Friday. I spent the morning writing a review of "The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two", then picked up younger son from school to take him to the orthodontist. He is getting braces on his lower teeth next month to go with the ones on his upper teeth, and he is not happy about this. I had thought there was a Halloween store right near the orthodontist, but it turned out that there wasn't, so we stopped at the mall near our house on the way home to find him a mask for Halloween (he chose one of those all-fabric ones that makes it look like you don't have a face) and I went to get my free 2 oz. Bath & Body Works body lotion, only to discover that they're not carrying Brown Sugar and Fig -- that's the third scent in a row I really liked that they've stopped making, and I can't stand any of their new heavy florals. I need a new body lotion.

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Watched the second episode of Crusoe, which made me happy in a number of ways -- Collapse ) Also watched Sanctuary, didn't like the haunted-house storyline very much but then I never do...the acting's been better than the writing every week I've seen the show, and this one was no exception. Also, some backstory that doesn't recycle stuff we already know would be appreciated. I'm hoping it gets better as it goes, since SGA and BSG are going away in the near future.