October 27th, 2008


Poem for Monday

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When younger son got home from Hebrew school, dementordelta came over for brunch which Paul made. Then we went downtown with the kids for the Gargoyle Tour at National Cathedral, which was a huge hit with everyone. Even the kids were completely engrossed, though it started with a lecture and slide show about the history of the cathedral and construction of the grotesques on the building. After circling the building looking for such figures as the rattlesnake, the leering workman, the spy camera, the good and wicked grandsons, and Darth Vader, we walked around a bit inside, but there was a service in progress, so although we managed to see the statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the Space Window, Woodrow Wilson's Grave, and the rose windows -- and to hear the wonderful organ -- we couldn't walk through the nave.

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We stopped in both the main cathedral store, which is huge -- contains a bookstore, a Christmas store, and religious items from all over the world, from rosaries to Magen Davids to Buddhist prayer beads -- and the gardening-themed gift shop in the Herb Cottage. Then we came home and had cheesecake that dementordelta brought! We weren't too hungry after she went home, so Paul made pumpkin peanut soup, figuring that wouldn't be too filling -- it was awesome though -- and in the evening we watched the first two episodes of Merlin, which younger son had seen a bit of and wanted to watch more. So it was a very lovely Sunday! And the Redskins won, though we weren't around to pay attention to the game! But is it very wrong that I want the Series to return to Tampa Bay mostly so I can see the ray tank again?