October 31st, 2008

little review

Poem for Halloween

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Nothing to report from the morning besides laundry, running out for more laundry detergent, and being incredibly frustrated with trying to talk to people about this election -- the Obama campaign is recruiting Jews to call undecided Jews in swing states. While McCain apparently can be forgiven for associating with some of the most bigoted, narrow-minded anti-Semites on the planet, Obama apparently cannot be forgiven for having the middle name "Hussein." I am embarrassed that there can be such easy acceptance of statements made out of ignorance and fear -- someone even fed me the line about Obama not even really being American because no one can find his birth certificate. If the arguments were about the economy, even though I'd still disagree with McCain supporters, I'd be a lot less distressed.

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After carving pumpkins, we watched and greatly enjoyed this week's Smallville -- finally Jimmy is coming into his traditional role and Lois is being taken seriously as a reporter. Collapse ) Then we all watched Next Gen's wonderful "Family" -- the one with Picard's brother, Worf's parents, and Wesley's dad -- which I must find time to review on Halloween! Which is here, yay! A blessed Samhain if this is a religious holiday for you, a happy festival if this is a cultural event where you live, and lots of sweets and treats if you just celebrate for fun!