November 3rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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It was a cloudier, cooler day on Sunday than on Saturday but still a beautiful day to be out doing things. We got up early -- well, relatively early since we gained an hour of sleep last night -- and went down to the National Museum of the American Indian, which is celebrating los Dias de los Muertos this weekend. We saw sugar skulls being decorated and paper flowers being constructed, tasted pan de muertos, watched some of the dancing, and admired the ofrendas. Then we had lunch in the utterly wonderful museum cafe -- I am never eating in any other Smithsonian museum again, this one serves indigenous cuisines of the Americas including pumpkin apple soup, salmon in northwest berry sauce, bison burgers, southern corn-wrapped peanut chicken, seaweed-wrapped halibut, beet mashed potatoes, cranberry rice, pan bread, mole chicken, and I don't even remember everything else! After that we visited through the top floor gallery on native cosmologies and world-views and how those clashed with those of Europeans, plus we stopped at the museum store.

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I was planning to go celebrate Samhain with vertigo66 at beeej's house, but the former's husband threw his back out so she couldn't go, and then while we were walking around Theodore Roosevelt Island to work off some of the Halloween candy everyone in my family has eaten, my kids started complaining. So instead we came home so they could rest and I folded laundry while watching Unbreakable, which I not only had never seen before but somehow was not spoiled for. What a well-done film, especially the scene with the boy and the gun. In the evening we watched The Simpsons -- not the best Treehouse of Horror, but we laughed enough that we got in the mood to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown afterward. Then we watched the Bela Lugosi Dracula, which is so campy that it's impossible not to snicker.

It would have been a nice relaxing evening, but we found out that a boy from older son's school was murdered on a metro bus, which is depressing enough to ruin any evening. This is the second gun incident this school year -- it really freaks me out. At least he has no school the next two days while they investigate; on Monday the teachers have conferences and end-of-marking-period meetings, and on Tuesday the schools are closed for the election. We are going to go to various state parks and admire the falling leaves, because I can't handle any more pre-voting stress!