November 4th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Since my kids had no school on Monday due to county-wide end-of-quarter planning, apaulled took the day off and we went to South Mountain with dementordelta. It was a gorgeous warm afternoon to be outdoors. We went first to Gambrill State Park, where we looked out over Middletown and Frederick and younger son found a tiny ringneck snake. Then we went to Washington Monument State Park, where we had a picnic before hiking up to the monument, at the top of which we saw ladybugs, stinkbugs, vultures and red-tailed hawks. From there we went to walk around the ruins at Gathland, drove past the Ceres Bethel AME Church, and stopped at South Mountain Creamery where we bought some homemade cheese and bread and visited the calf barn. On the way home we stopped at Fox Gap to see the Reno Monument, got a bit lost driving through the woods and discovered the 13th North Carolina Monument as well. It was a really fabulous day!

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Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, definitely NOT my favorite episode -- not only do we get more Bible-quoting Cameron, but we get the charming stereotype of a crooked Orthodox Jewish diamond merchant. Collapse ) Since Heroes wasn't on, we watched the first hour of the SNL presidential retrospective, which was reasonably entertaining though we'd seen nearly all the material before. Then we watched Boston Legal, which is just getting more and more fearless since the writers know this is the last season. And we also get Paul and Denise back this week, which makes me so happy! Collapse ) Next week Shirley and Alan are taking on the issue of underage abortion. Even when I don't agree with David E. Kelley, I love that he's willing to play these things out. Have just watched the Redskins embarrass themselves against the Steelers; time for bed. I'm sure I don't have to remind people, but hey, Americans, don't forget to vote (and I would be happy to tell you yet again why I think you should vote for Obama)! And hey, Californians, don't forget to oppose Prop 4 and Prop 8!