November 7th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had an awesome afternoon with cidercupcakes! We went and got California Tortilla to bring back to my house, and then we watched Futurama -- "Bendin' in the Wind" (the hippies-and-folk-music episode with Cylon and Garfunkel), "Roswell That Ends Well" (the I'm My Own Grandpa episode), "Godfellas" (in which Bender fails as a God), "Parasites Lost" (the Fantastic Voyage/Innerspace episode), "Amazon Women In the Mood" (in which Fry is sentenced to death by snu-snu), and "The Birdbot of Icecatraz" (which I had to watch again as soon as younger son got home, because it's about penguins on Pluto!). Below, pictures of Gathland State Park -- the first five are the ruins of the barn, then the ruins of the library and the buildings now used as the Civil War museum.

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My evening has been utterly sucky because our dryer broke during the early stages of a large load of clothes, while there was another load already wet in the washing machine, so I hung up load number two to dry all over the house while Paul took load number one to my parents to put in their dryer. No repair till Monday at the earliest. Waah. Before that we all watched Smallville, which I loved because Collapse ) And we watched Next Gen's "Brothers," which I need to review tomorrow and which is still terrific.