November 9th, 2008

green little review

Poem for Sunday

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We spent a nice day with my kids and parents after my mother and Daniel got back from Hebrew school in the morning. We started at the annual Swedish Bazaar at St. James Church, which has homemade baked goods and imported food and gifts for sale as well as smorgasbord for lunch with Swedish meatballs and lingonberry soda. Then we went to the National Museum of Natural History, where the Washington Revels were performing sea chanteys to celebrate the opening of the Sant Ocean Hall, beginning downstairs by the shops and food, then moving up the escalator to the main gallery and back to the exhibit on life at sea. We lost my mother and Adam for a bit while we were listening to them sing "Jolly Roving Tar," "Drunken Sailor," "When I Was a Fair Maid," and many others. Then we walked through part of the enormous fossil gallery and bought Adam an ammonite.

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We were going to hike at Scott's Run, but it was late enough when we left downtown that we only made it to the first creek crossing before we decided to leave before it got any darker. We stopped at Blockbuster to rent Get Smart, which we watched at my parents' house after ordering pizza. I thought the movie was very funny -- I generally like Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, I thought James Caan was hilarious as George Bush the President, I enjoyed all the comedian cameos, I was happy to see Masi Oka as a super-nerd, and although the plot was quite predictable, there were enough funny moments on the way to the climax to make it entertaining. Plus it was filmed in and near many places we've visited in the past couple of weeks -- the Smithsonian Castle, the World War II Memorial, the Capitol Building, and the Museum of Natural History where we were standing in front of the elephant hours before it turned up in the film.

I mostly followed football on rather than on a screen, though we saw most of the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game (I rooted for Texas Tech, I'm still mad at the entire state of Oklahoma for such die-hard support for McCain). I'm sorry Penn State lost, sorry Alabama won, and beyond that, I couldn't really care who ends up number one!