November 11th, 2008

get critical

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a quiet Monday -- I had plans to have lunch with gblvr and David Tennant (well, he wasn't coming to lunch, unfortunately -- we were going to watch Casanova), but she was feeling terrible, so we postponed. Instead I futzed with photos for a while, read about the expected yet sad demise of Mars Phoenix (who could conceivably turn back on in the spring, but they don't expect that) and Eliot Spitzer not being charged (*snickering*), talked to my mother about the best places online to look up movie details and order used books. When he got home, Adam taught me some Chinese. *g* And several people linked me to this utterly awesome story about a penguin with a stuffed animal sibling.

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Watched Sarah Connor, which was gimmicky, though it had wonderful Day of the Dead visuals and Latino music -- I'm already very tired of gunfights in slo-mo while music plays, and I'm already tired of the John rebels-Sarah is right-John feels terrible pattern, but it's not nearly as annoying as Heroes...can we please have the real Angela Petrelli back, the one from the first season? Collapse ) And then there's Boston Legal, which I may be too angry to write about so I might interrupt myself. Apparently Shirley is not interesting enough to keep consistent and intelligent as a character; she must be hurled aside in favor of David E. Kelley's preachifying the same way that Denny is, except that Denny's SUPPOSED to be crazy. Collapse )