November 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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It was perkypaduan's birthday, so I took her out for sushi -- a meal not precisely chosen by her or by me but by Adam, who again had a half-day of school for parent-teacher conferences and who has complained repeatedly that I always go out for sushi with my friends and don't take him with me. We brought the sushi back here and ate it while watching Free Enterprise, which I haven't seen in years and so had forgotten how hilarious it is. And even though it was her birthday, she brought me Halloween socks! Adam went outside to play and came home absolutely covered with leaves, which inspired the theme for tonight's photos:

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In the evening after dinner, homework, practicing, etc., needing a distraction from the fact that Pushing Daisies wasn't on, we watched the seventh episode of Merlin, "The Gates of Avalon," which reminded me of a Torchwood episode and perhaps wasn't terribly well-written, but the Merlin-Arthur love is always delightful, and I'm hoping Morgana gets to do more than be a potential love interest since they clearly want to hold off on that angle. Then we watched the New Fog Bowl already in progress -- Central Michigan vs. Northern Illinois -- which ended up going into overtime, so we turned if off in favor of Stewart and Colbert, though I gather CMU won. Colbert made me cry talking about his sperm donations to bail out Britain, though, so it was all worth it.