November 15th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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It was still rainy and dark and gloomy on Friday, but I had a nice day anyway. I got to have lunch with gblvr at Lebanese Taverna, meaning I had excellent hummus, then we walked around to As Kindred Spirits and Ulta where I had to struggle to be virtuous and not spend money. (Why must Jessica Simpson keep putting her name on perfumes that are sweet and light and dessert-delicious and have staying power -- I don't want to give her any money but I am so tempted to buy Fancy.) When I got home I wrote my review of "Suddenly Human", then worked on a free Snapfish photo book that gblvr told me about and that thankfully now has a later deadline than Sunday!

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My evening consisted of folding laundry while watching Crusoe, which wasn't my favorite -- Collapse ) After that we watched Sanctuary, which is not a really good show -- not as good as Crusoe in many ways and overly influenced by both comics and Heroes -- but it has two female characters I like, which makes up for a lot! Collapse ) Then we watched the late rerun of SGA, which seemed kind of slow to me but that might just be because I was TVed out at that point. My favorite moment by far was Collapse )