November 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Monday was another less-than-stellar day. I woke up at three in the morning with a murderous migraine that the first Imitrex did not knock out, lay awake alternately shivering and sweating when I wasn't dashing for the loo, finally fell asleep around 7:30 a.m. when younger son was leaving for school and woke up after 10. I had plans to go out for Mexican food with gblvr but I wasn't in the mood for eating, so instead I begged her to come over and we finally watched the David Tennant Casanova, which is particularly amusing after last season's Doctor Who because the characters have more and more of the same gestures and manic vocal inflections. I'm not sure whether this is because Russell T. Davies was involved in both productions and told Tennant to take both characters a certain way, or if Tennant has been phoning it in a bit on DW, but it kind of confirmed my lack of devastation over the eventual upcoming switch in Doctors -- I was much sorrier to lose Nine at the time, and that worked out all right. Collapse )

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The Sarah Connor Chronicles made me very happy by having Richard Schiff as a guest star, but I'm having "The future's the past, the past is the future, and it all gives me a headache" syndrome, to quote Captain Janeway from Voyager. (And I did see the Star Trek trailer during the episode, and even if I did not have a compelling personal reason for not wanting to see the movie, I can't imagine why I would want to sit through that already-dated-looking imitation of something that never need remaking, rewriting, recasting, or reimagining.)

As for Heroes, it also has the twisted-past-and-future storyline problem so that I can't tell whether we have Good Sylar or Bad Sylar or Good Peter or Bad Peter anymore, and I'm so very, very sick of women being threatened with having to go back to a "previous life" implied to be exploitative and horrific. Not to mention the rotating Favorite Petrelli Sons and the poor damaged couples being paired off -- misunderstood blondes and conflicted bad boys who are really not interesting. Take Hiro out of the equation and I'm completely bored. At least there's still Boston Legal, for a couple more weeks, past its heyday but not afraid to approach things like botched executions as crack. Collapse ) I am getting my replacement phone tomorrow -- yay!