November 19th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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My new phone arrived this morning! And I spent a ridiculous amount of time stripping out the T-Mobile stuff that eats memory (MyFaves and My5), which I'd done on the old phone but then forgot how, so I had to look it all up again. And then I spent even more time importing my contacts, setting my preferences and all that. But now I have a new phone with a new battery, and I have nothing but nice things to say about Asurion's insurance. I also read up on various cameras, but I still don't know what I'm going to do about that -- I won't have any money till my birthday in a month anyway, so I have time to do research. Adam's new Bionicle arrived via UPS as well (bought with a combination of allowance and "yay, you got straight As" money) so he spent most of the evening building it, and Daniel got Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party with the last of his birthday money, so both kids were happy. And we got the first snow flurries of the season! In honor of that, some harvest festival photos:

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In the evening we watched Nova's "The Bible's Buried Secrets," which is about archaeological evidence for early Jewish history and events from the Torah, trying to dance around the political implications of the placement of what might be King David's palace or what might be the Holy of Holies. I was pleased that they included a discussion of Canaanite worship borrowed by the Israelites and Asherah's role in pre-monotheistic belief, though they didn't really discuss all the ways in which women were demonized in order to script a patriarchal religion. There were, at least, several awesome women archaeologists. After that we watched this week's Brotherhood, in which there was only one gratuitous murder and I confess: I laughed. Collapse )