November 22nd, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I would have had a very lovely day had I not had a murderous migraine right in the middle. I went out early to meet perkypaduan and gblvr to see Twilight, which we decided was a worthy fangirl excursion so we could all giggle together at the atrocious dialogue. And that dialogue was atrocious: if anyone had sent it to me to edit, trust me, no teenage girl would be talking like a bad romance novel. But I actually liked the movie better than I expected. Collapse ) After the movie, gblvr and I went out to lunch with a friend of hers at Rio Grande, where I probably had too many chips and salsa when I needed protein, because between my blood sugar crashing and the season cycling, I ended up with a two-pill migraine. I had to write a review of "Remember Me", which may be even less coherent than when I usually warn for incoherence because I could barely see straight.

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Had dinner with my parents, then watched what is no longer my usual Friday night lineup because when Crusoe returns after Thanksgiving, it will be buried on Saturday night, where NBC is apparently sending it to die, turning its spot over to the already-canceled Lipstick Jungle, woe! It wasn't my favorite episode this week because Crusoe and Friday were at odds, but we got a whole long scene with Sean Bean, which makes up for everything! Collapse ) I don't have much to say about Sanctuary -- love the werewolf/Neanderthal bonding, confused by the artist-genius killer brothers -- and while SGA made me laugh quite a bit, I have to admit that a show with almost no John, Ronon, or Teyla does pretty much nothing for me. Collapse )