November 23rd, 2008

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Poem for Sunday

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My new Canon Powershot arrived in the mail right around when older son got back from volunteering at Hebrew school, so without much time to read the manual, I put batteries and a SD card in and took it to the College Park Aviation Museum for the last week of an exhibit on Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace. I don't remember when we last visited the museum, but it was at least eight years ago, before I had this journal; the first time we visited was the weekend it opened in September 1998, when there was a wonderful air show at the adjacent airport and Adam was a toddler playing on the toy planes. Because I was new to the camera, I couldn't figure out how to set the shutter or flash properly for many photos, and there was too much glare off the glass to get any decent pictures of the Peanuts cartoons; here is one from the touring exhibit at another museum), and here are some photos from the exhibit hall itself:

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When we got home in the late afternoon, I folded laundry and watched the eighth episode of Merlin, which may be my favorite of the series so far -- it gave Morgana lots to do for a change, and it confirmed that the writers aren't planning to turn her into the stereotypical bitch from Excalibur who seduces and betrays Arthur...we're miles off any version of the myth I've ever read, even the revisionism of The Mists of Avalon or David Franzoni's King Arthur, but they're telling entertaining stories, so it's fine with me. After dinner we put on the Maryland-Florida State game, but things were going so badly early on that we turned it off and watched Juno instead, which hopefully the kids saw as a cautionary tale. *g* Put the Terps back on for long enough to ascertain that they would not get to compete for the ACC title, watched Oklahoma humiliating Texas Tech, and now it's time for Saturday Night Live.