December 1st, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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It was a cold, dark, very rainy Sunday and all of us feel like we're getting colds, so we didn't do much that was exciting. I got a four-load laundry half-done. At halftime during the Redskins game, we went out to World Market -- with stops at the going-out-of-business Linens & Things and nearby Toys R Us, though we bought nothing in either place -- primarily to get simmer sauces. Bombay potatoes and pumpkin curry, though I'm afraid a Nestle Aero bar and some holiday gifts snuck into the bags. We made it home in time to see the Redskins lose. Then I got a lovely surprise: cidercupcakes had to drive her mother to work, so she was up in my direction and came over for dinner. We watched the Colbert Christmas special while apaulled made the Bombay potatoes, chicken korma and rice. So I had a delightful relaxing early evening. *g*

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After dinner we watched Futurama's screamingly hilarious "Anthology of Interest II" -- the one where Bender wants to be human, Fry wants to be in a video game and Leela wants to be in The Wizard of Oz. We also watched the ninth episode of Merlin, "Excalibur," which was definitely the best yet -- finally some backstory on why Uther hates magic and what's going on with Nimue -- I must confess I am really happy to see Michelle Ryan back on TV. And in addition to several women characters I like though I really wish they were given more to do, I love the male bonding. Collapse ) Later in the evening, we put on Charlie Wilson's War, though I got distracted early on by laundry and the kids going to bed, and never fully got into it as a result. Collapse )

Happy December!