December 3rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had a quiet morning working on holiday cards and packages while trying to figure out if my computer had a virus; Firefox kept giving me a pop-up saying I did, so I ran the adware and virus scans, which took hours, and ultimately came out clean! I left midway through for lunch with gblvr at Tara Thai, where we ate yummy food and talked fandom and insane relatives. In the late afternoon I took a final set of photos of younger son's decaying apples for his science project and to Hebrew school, and then I intended to fold laundry but I got distracted trying out some registry tweaks on my phone so I guess that's getting done on Tuesday. Plus perkypaduan sent me these links to fake genre book covers that left me howling hysterically.

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We were planning to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures and Merlin, but by the time the kids were done showering, practicing, etc., it was already late, so instead we all read for a while, then apaulled and I put on Brotherhood. The show hasn't officially been dropped for next season, but the Boston Herald has been reporting that it isn't coming back based on what insiders say, and I'm thinking the producers probably knew this early enough to end it with a bang -- not the good kind. Collapse ) However, there is some good news: The Hollywood Reporter says that Rome might return as a movie, which would please me, though I guess Polly Walker won't be in it since Sci-Fi greenlit Caprica. But I don't know if I'll want to watch it! Someone rec something British to me!