December 4th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Not a lot to report from Wednesday -- worked on an article, a piece for a holiday exchange, and putting labels on season's greeting card envelopes. Plus I got a four-load laundry folded, finally. It really doesn't sound like I did a lot when I look at it here, though I feel like I was busy all day! Here, have some photos from the Bird House and Invertebrate House at the National Zoo (perkypaduan, with whom I got to gossip today, works in the latter):

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I have already linked to this on Facebook etc. but in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, Prop 8: The Musical. Oh, Allison Janney and Neil Patrick Harris, I love you. Pushing Daisies makes me sad the way Boston Legal does, because I know we're in the waning days, but even though this week's episode had too many fat-guy jokes for me to put it in my top ten, it still made me smile many times. Collapse ) Also watched the first part of The Sarah Jane Adventures' "Enemy of the Bane," which I enjoyed for the most part, though Rani's mum as perpetual woman-in-peril is getting a bit annoying. Collapse )