December 10th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I did not accomplish my major goal for Tuesday, which was to find awesome yet inexpensive new slippers -- I found nice warm organic expensive slippers and cheap acrylic fuzzy slippers, but not the perfect pair. My only other big activity was sorting, cropping, aligning and printing out photos of Adam's science experiment about whether plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or various types of bags did the best job keeping apple slices fresh. My printer was misbehaving, so the photos look quite red, but we'll get glossies before the science fair poster board -- this is just to turn in the results. This is what being sick reduces me to. Well, being sick and having a funeral to attend on Wednesday. The person who died is a very old friend of my parents' -- very old as in long-time friend, he wasn't yet 70 so not very old at all, and he was only diagnosed with cancer four months ago -- the father of someone with whom I grew up and graduated from high school.

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Last night we watched the second season finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which would make me sad except I'm going to watch the whole thing over again on Sci-Fi to keep up the ratings and unlike the vast majority of shows I like, it's coming back next year. I didn't love this two-parter nearly as much as the previous one -- Collapse )

As for this week's Brotherhood, I am highly amused that the mob is furious believing that Tommy's on a moral high horse about keeping the waterfront clean while Declan thinks Tommy is behind all corruption surrounding the waterfront development. Michael really seems like a minor player at the moment, even if Freddy says he's the top of the chain of command. And I still think everyone is going to die horribly. That said, I want to know two things: is there really a miniature golf course in Providence with a volcano that "erupts" for a hole in one, and who's the general on the Civil War chess piece Declan's staring down at the end?