December 11th, 2008

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Poem for Thursday

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Paul came home at lunchtime and we drove downtown for the funeral of my parents' good friend, which was held at my temple though I've never been to a memorial service there before. Like all funerals, it was a sad mix of celebratory and painful. The very first person I saw when walking inside was someone with whom I went to high school and whom I really haven't seen since then, and nearly all my parents' local friends were there, including people I haven't seen in 20 years. The last time I saw the man who died was also a sad occasion, my great uncle's funeral earlier this year, and I hadn't spoken to him much except for at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs in recent years.

But I grew up with his oldest daughter, with whom I went to ballet and Hebrew school as well as public school, we took piano lessons from the same teacher, we went to each other's birthday parties. Her father used to videotape our recitals back before anyone else had a video camera, he filmed my mother's surprise 40th birthday party (I can't believe I'm older now than she was then), he was at many of the big events in my childhood from school plays to awards ceremonies to graduations. The service was very nice, conducted by the most personable of the rabbis, who had obviously talked a lot to the family even though they weren't members of the congregation. All four of the daughters spoke as well as both sons-in-law and the oldest two grandchildren, all of whom obviously adored him. He had a full life but he died too soon, and he was around my own parents' age, which makes it pretty chilling for me.

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Paul's office holiday party was this evening at Dave & Buster's, so the kids and I had pizza and watched the G4 rerun of Monday night's Heroes, where we discovered how incredibly annoying those side-scrolling internet additions can be. Still, we liked the episode for the most part -- I am so much happier when the storylines converge, and it's nice when there's a gimmick like the comic book that supposedly records the characters' lives holding it together thematically. Collapse ) I guess it is just as well that I could not afford tickets to go see the Tennant-Stewart production of Hamlet in London over winter break, since it sounds like poor David Tennant may not be in the play.

Tonight's Pushing Daisies was definitely not one of my favorites...Collapse ) Older son had put on a Robot Chicken earlier this week that I meant to post about, because it made me SO SO SO happy: a Thelma and Louise parody picking up right after the ending, with Collapse ) Go Robot Chicken.